We have, over the years, built a lot of structures for buildings and/or houses.


Stainless balcony rail in Naples



Side gate to match balcony railing

Here's a nice stainless gate made to accent the front door glass


Below is a table that we fabricated for our good friend and master artist, Bill Taylor


This is a new handrail we built and chemically aged to make it look 4 centuries old.................not the best picture, but you get the idea!

Following are pics of a stainless cable/balcony rail that we built for a beautiful Naples home


This is a stainless handrail for Charisma Brands in Irvine

Here is a picture of the layout process, before welding the pieces together..........

Following is what the finished product looks like- we get nothing but compliments on it's dramatic look!





Here is a stainless handrail for Sweet Alana, done 10 years ago...............


Here is a stainless handrail system we built for a beautiful  home in Long Beach


This is a recently completed stainless awning/sign for a business in West Long Beach