Hydraulic powered bike loader/ramp system. Note Jim's grin!

Here's Jim, 1 minute into the process of loading his bike into the "garage". Note the relaxed manner he's exhibiting!

Here's our hero, 2 minutes after returning from a ride, ready to start relaxing!  We conceived of, designed and built this system and it works fantastic!

Stainless easy on/off luggage rack/sissy bar assembly 

Polished stainless fender struts for the FXR

Stainless chain guard

Stainless sissy bar "finger" top..................fairly amusing!

This is a stainless chainguard that we built for Hulk Hogan's motorcycle.



Martin Buxton's 4 into 2, 2 into 1 stainless exhaust collector on a Rocket ship Vmax



Doug Whitson's VERY cool motorcycle- A Webley-Vickers! A vintage BMW with a 2180 VW hotrod motor shoehorned into it........we built a lot of parts for this bike, and it rocks!

Stainless dressup for the front "elephant ear" fender