3/29/2013 Richard M. Long Beach,Ca Shutts fabricated stainless steel arches for my sail boat over the dodger to which were attached solar panels. The work was excellent, on time and reasonably priced. I found his services to be top notch and would use him again and recommend him to others.


Richard M. Long Beach, CA 3/4/2013 I've had many projects fabricated and repaired by Shutts Fabricators and have been very happy with the end results! Mark and Crew are always there to give you their time no matter how busy they are. I've known Mark for many years now and always go to Him first for any welding needs I have. We have many different people using our Boats and equipment and they can be very hard on the equipment. Not one thing Mark has made or repaired on our Boats or equipment has ever failed! He stands behind his Work.


Roger M. Wrightwood, CA 3/3/2013 I first started to take stainless steel fabrication projects for my boat to Mark when he was located in Marina Shipyard, so I go back a ways with him- ten or so years. His work is always top quality and his prices are reasonable. He often jokes that he doesn't make stainless steel "stuff," he makes "boat Jewelry." It is true. I've used other fabricators before- I stick with Mark.


3/1/2013 John F. Signal Hill, CA Shutts' Fabricators are fantastic! We needed a special Energy Star Window display to show the difference between dual pane glass and Energy Star Rated glass. Using "Heat Lamps" as the sun, Shutts' Fabricators created a "Tunnel of Heat" display for our Electrical Utility Customer. It was so good that we ended up having an additional unit produced as the Department of Energy saw it in action and ordered one for their offices in Washington D.C. I highly recommend them for any metal fabrication work needed. High quality, custom work at very fair and reasonable reasonable costs considering the high level of experience!


WS J. Fullerton, CA 3/1/2013 Family owned and operated shop we have been in business for over 4 years for very small brackets to large driving simulators costing thousands. Creative, attention to detail, good quality work and quick turn around.


Roger B. Torrance, CA I really believe that if anyone needs anything welded, this is the shop to take your project to. They can weld any type of materials, and shapes that will simply leave you with the question "HOW DID HE DO THAT". If u want the best,SHUTTS FABRICATORS IS THE PLACE TO GO FOR ANY LARGE OR SMALL PROJECTS.


THANKS ROGER Paul W. El Cajon, CA 2/28/2013 I used Shutts Fabrication of a very custom fabrication for a upscale project I was working on. To be honest, I had doubts they could fabricate what I needed due to the complexity of the design and the very high expectations of my client. When the parts came in I was beside my myself with the quality of the work and the whole fit and finish, Not only was everything fabricated to my specifications, the welds were very clean and the parts were top notch. I have never met Mark, but talking to him on the phone I can tell he is a artist in his craft, a pleasure to talk to and very knowledgeable in what he does. Thanks Mark, I look forward to working with you on many future projects!


Paul Wermuth Mike Shumard Los Angeles, CA 2/28/2013 This is a small shop, but very strong on service and that is most important doing this kind of work I used them to manufacture some rather complicated curved aluminum parts that had to be welded into a shape that was also complicated, and odd. Another part of the world (China) could not figure it out, and I use those guys all the time for really complicated things. We had a design but were also making it up as we were going along, which is typical of a one off object. Mark is very good at this, but also stops and checks what he is doing when he is not absolutely certain, so that the end product is as close as possible to what we thought we wanted (we-- being him and I). These kinds of people really do not exist today, so if you are looking to do something that is more or less not possible, because you are really not sure what it is. But you are absolutely sure that it has to be perfect, these are your people. It was also within a price range that was well within the sphere of 'That sounds good to me".


Mike Shumard Seth M. Oak Park, IL 2/27/2013 Very high quality metal work-these guys are artists! The project was delivered exactly as designed and on time-highly recommended!