What is the best method for having you build something for me?

I would ask that you have a well-developed plan or template for your project, as well as photos of something that looks like what you'd like to have built. A good set of drawings that answers every question I would have when building a part or assembly would be very valuable. The more you have things figured out, the more efficiently I can fabricate it for you. In a very real sense, my time = your money.

How long will it take to fabricate and install my parts?

This is a good question, one commonly asked. It will truly depend on the complexity of the task. It will depend on a number of variables, such as how few of the inevitable changes to our original design we, or you, make, what our current schedule looks like, and just how smoothly things go once we begin. Barring some ironclad deadline, it's most often wisest to be more concerned about the quality of the structure than the timing of it.

How much will it cost?

Once again, it depends on the part(s) to be built. The more accurately you have it designed, the better able I will be to commit to a price for producing it.

Can you repair the stainless rails or stanchions on the boat?

We do have a number of portable welding rigs, but very often, it's not the best way to repair something, because the welds come out looking so much better indoors on the bench with no wind blowing the gases and the arc around, and the heat from welding may ruin the deck/hardware seal, forcing you to take the part off the boat anyway, so often, the long way, of bringing the part into the shop, is the short way to do the repair best and most economically.